BossUP! Innovation Card Game
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About BossUP!
BossUP's Story
Over the last 20 years of working across an amazing range of organisations, we learned that the major obstacle to innovation was not the lack of ideas, but the need to changing entrenched organisational mindsets.

So, we talked to our clients to learn about their internal innovation processes, distilled common challenges and built a rich collection of Challenge Cards. We then turned to trends in society, culture, technology, management consulting methods, and best practices to create the quirky set of Trigger Cards. After adding a ruleset and play-testing the game with hundreds of players in Asia and Europe, BossUP! was born!

We believe game play has the power to break that barrier by creating a safe and fun space for teams to engage in a different way. BossUP! is a tool designed to engage not only your creative team, but works across all functions to stimulate ideas and conversations that may otherwise never take place.
Players appoint an Innovation Director
The Innovation Director acts as THE DEALER.
Each player receives 5 TRIGGER CARDS.
Then, the Innovation Director draws 3 CHALLENGE CARDS, reads them out loud and chooses ONE of these challenges for the other players to solve.
Each Player pitches a Solution
After the Innovation Director presents a challenge, each player uses a trigger card to PITCH how they will solve the given challenge.
For example: "...we’re going to buy a startup to leapfrog the competition and operate under a totally new business model...”
Pick the best Solution and Fund it
The designated Innovation Director chooses a winning solution and explains why. All the players (except the winner) rate it with FUNDING CARDS.
The winner collects the funding cards and keeps them face down until the game is complete.
Next: The role of INNOVATION DIRECTOR rotates to the next player.
Repeat Steps #1-#3 until the round is complete!
The Winners
After a full round of game play, turn over the winning cards to calculate the total funding for each winning solution. The solution with the highest funding wins.
The player who funded the most to the winner also wins!
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