BossUP! Innovation Card Game
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Game-changing Innovation
in a Deck of Cards
In the world of BossUP!, you are part of the slick and savvy Innovation team for a hierarchical corporation. Take turns being the Innovation Director and select challenges to your team. Rise up and out of your normal way of thinking and achieve true innovation!
Its great for...
Ideation, creative brainstorms,
and much more!
How to play?
Learn how to innovate through a group card game!
BossUp! helped these companies create a space for dynamic conversations, connections and creativity.
BossUP!'s Story
We talked to our clients to learn about their internal innovation processes, distilled common challenges and built a rich collection of Challenge Cards.

After adding a ruleset and play-testing the game with hundreds of players in Asia and Europe, BossUP! was born!
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HealthCare Edition
Ageing populations, raging pandemics, broken healthcare systems. We need new thinking for the next generation.
Play your role as an innovation team and rethink health.
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Circular Edition
The world needs a hero. Are you ready to be the circular innovator that we need?Your task is to come up with bold ideas and get your organisation Circular Economy ready!
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COVID-19 Edition
While the pandemic was taking over the world, we at Chemistry created this special edition in hopes of making sense of the fear and uncertainty around us. Learn more about our (digital only) COVID-19 Edition!
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BossUP! grows creativity in your team.
We believe gameplay has the power to create a safe and fun space for teams to innovate. BossUp! is a tool designed to work across all functions in order to stimulate ideas and conversations that may otherwise never take place.
Creative Brainstorm Sessions
Push your team to think on their feet and come up with groundbreaking ideas!
Design Thinking Workshops
Be it breaking the ice or handling real issues, BossUP! will get your participants innovating and fighting for funding in no time!
Job Interviews
Bring out the best (or worst) of the shivering college graduate in front of you! Hear applicant’s quirky solutions and feel out their vibe.
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“Are there rules? Yeah. Do you have to abide by them? Just like the real world, preferably. But I try to push the limits of how much I can get away with in a game. Sometimes it's fair to just pitch design jams to invoke eldritch entities to devour your competitors”
Clarence Ng, Experience Designer at Chemistry
Dr Jeffrey Koh, PhD
“There's tons more content on this page to read besides these testimonials. It's pretty great if you found them humorous, but really, there's an animated explainer on the rules, there's use cases, stop reading these.”
Terence Eng, Definitely not related to the aforementioned Clarence Ng
Like any other card game, BossUp! has a set of rules for the exceptional and open-minded.
Watch the video below to grasp how this game works to bring out the best of your team (to-be)!
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