BossUP! Innovation Card Game
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Use Cases
Creative Brainstorm Sessions
By using trigger cards to prompt solutions through personalised pitches, BossUP!’s gameplay mechanics guide players into responding to novel and crazy ideas in a supportive and empowering manner.

BossUP!’s multifaceted nature opens up a host of new possibilities and opportunities, especially in fields related to organizational transformation, training and development, and employee engagement.

• Infocomm Media Development Authority
• Wildlife Reserves Singapore
• Siemens
Design Thinking Workshops
Workshops can often become overly serious and potentially dry due to the amount of theoretical content that it might entail.

This opens up the avenue for a reimagination of the way and format in which some of the content is conveyed.

• Infocomm Media Development Authority
• Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Give your interview process a softer edge by letting interviewees have a go at pitching ideas and solving problems for the most unconventional situations. You can gauge how potential candidates approach and navigate challenges.

Feel out their vibe through the way they pitch and interact with the rest of the team - you will find out soon enough if they are a good fit within your company culture.
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