BossUP! Innovation Card Game
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Circular Edition
The world needs a hero. Are you ready to be the circular innovator that we need? Your task is to come up with bold ideas and get your organisation Circular Economy ready!
COP26 and beyond
Countries came together to pledge new commitment to keeping our planet's global temperature from rising. The next 10 years will be crucial in taking action and coming up with creative ways to solve challenges on all levels.
Sparking Creativity
Break the ice and not the antarctic ice shelf! Experience how game play can be a great avenue to spark creativity and fresh ideas. From the practical to the crazy, we need to get our brains fired up!
Co-created with experts
Chemistry is proud to parter with Circle Economy Foundation (Netherlands) in the co-creation of this Circular Edition.

Let the rich collection of Triggers help you solve real world challenges towards a more circular and sustainable world.
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