BossUP! Innovation Card Game
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COVID-19 Edition
While the pandemic was taking over the world, we at Chemistry created this special edition to help companies transform uncertainty into positive action. Learn more about our (digital only) COVID-19 Edition!
The pandemic has reshaped customer behaviour, work dynamics and business models.
Amongst other things, businesses have been forced to ask themselves one question: "How do I reinvent my business model to come out stronger?". Through re-imagining new or hybrid business operations, diversifying business offerings and growing new revenue streams, businesses can look forward to better times and with it better business.
As easy as it may sound, re-inventing a business model or shifting the company mindset can be daunting, and oftentimes, confusing to begin with.
To help organisations develop fresh thinking, we created this Covid-19 expansion pack of BossUP! We distilled our knowledge of the challenges faced across a wide variety of industry sectors into this new edition that’s supercharged with inspiration. .
Be it addressing short-term liquidity or generating funding for new opportunities (or just being kinder to the planet)…
BossUP! challenges your team to think on the spot and re-evaluate scenarios, reassess assumptions and consider emerging new behaviours.

Similar to the OG, this Covid-19 expansion pack comes with a humorous edge - but don't underestimate the power of jokes in creating meaningful discussions and ethical debates!
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